Weekly resources to learn windsurfing

Learning windsurfing is for life. It’s not an easy skill to pick up, but it’s also not something that ends after you’ve learned to move.

When you windsurf, you are putting yourself in the middle of nature and your equipment.

Being able to balance on the board is one, knowing how to sail out to sea and get back to shore in various conditions is another.

Since I started picking up this sport in end 2020, I’ve had my fair share of getting thrown off the board so many times that I got hooked to it.

At this point in writing, I’m an amateur windsurfer, learning to master every level so that I can enjoy the sport and steer the board to where I want to go in every condition as much as possible.

This resource is a logbook of my journey as a beginner windsurfer, learning from my weekly encounters with nature, and picking the brains of windsurfing pros and friends.

The reason I’m putting together this resource is that I realised windsurfing is for anyone of any age, from as young as 6 years of age to 70 years old.

Although I’m not 6, I still have a long way to go before I reach 70 years old. Assuming I were to live that long and healthy enough to keep at this sport on a regular basis (I’m hoping!), there’s a lot I’d want to document and have something to refer to as I learn.

If you are also in a similar stage of learning windsurfing, you are not alone. I hope this serves as a valuable guide for you to get better as a windsurfer and have fun doing it.


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